What's going to happen?

Doors Open

  • The doors are open by 9:30 for pre-service prayer, but most people come by 10:00am for our 10:15 service start. Upon entering Delta Church on a Sunday morning, you will be promptly greeted with a warm handshake and a friendly "Hello" from one of our greeters. You will see a small station with refreshments under a slideshow of upcoming events. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and head into the auditorium to find a seat.

Service Starts

  • At 10:15 am you'll hear the music team start playing songs of praise and worship. This is your cue for the service to begin in the main sanctuary.
  • After the first song, you'll hear a greeting and some announcements from a member of our pastoral team, and we'll take a five minute break to say hi to one another and visit the info desk if you're new. 
  • This also gives everyone the opportunity for giving tithes and offerings at the back debit/credit machine, or with cash/check -- you can give on our website too! But there is absolutely no pressure or expectation to donate money if you are visiting our church. For those who want to give, this is a way we choose to be obedient to God and give back to His Kingdom.

Worship and the Word

  • After the break, we will sing a few more songs
  • One of our pastors will pray before sharing an encouraging message from the Bible. They will also pray to end the service.

Service End

  • Things will be wrapped up before 11:30 so you can take the time to have lunch with friends or get to know somebody new if you'd like. It is our hope that you enjoy your morning with us and hope to see you again soon! 


What is it like?

Delta Church is pretty laid back and casual. We are a community of people who do their very best to love God and love others. Expect to see people praising God through singing worship and prayer. Some of us raise our hands while we are singing. And expect to make a few new friends!

What about my kids?

Your kids will stay with you during the music portion of the Sunday morning gathering. We think that it is important for families to participate in worship together! After the music is finished but before the sermon, the speaker will tell the children that they are dismissed. This is when your kids will make their way down to the lower auditorium for an age-appropriate Bible lesson. You are more than welcome to accompany them downstairs and meet the leaders who will be with the kids. They will learn about the same concepts you learn about upstairs, but with a few more fun and games.

Where do I park?

You can park anywhere in the front or back lot on our property parking lot.

What do I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! You will find some people wear jeans and a t-shirt while others put on a dress or suit jacket.